New Constructions

New Constructions
Is your dream is to build your own home? You are in luck! We are one of the few construction companies that will work on residential projects and gives you the full service, we consider our selfs "one stop shop" and take away from your hands the hassle of searching multiple professionals and coordinating the job , which can result in financial losses.

Our services includes full house 3D design. We will work with you on a convenient space planning , materials, full engineering and architectural service аnd designing thе structure to the smallest dеtаil. When entering such a project you want to make sure that you make an educated decisions because it is easy to go over board , especially if it is your own home, luckily we have years of experience in the and even offer a professional realtor consultation on what may be your house future value.

When building, we start by excavating the area and then followed by pouring the footings and foundation. We then start framing the building based on your design and then we move to the siding aspect of the building. Than we install all windows and doors. From this point we begin to work on installing deck and the exterior electrical. We then begin installing the stone and then go on to finish exterior painting and trim. Now we move to the phase of landscaping, doing the interiors, rough plumbing/electrical/mechanical. Then we move to do the drywall and base painting. After that we move to tiling the house, setting the cabinets, countertops, carpentry / trim/ baseboards / interior doors. Then finally we lay the hardwood floor, carry out the final painting, fixtures and appliances and your house is set and good to go. You can be sure of getting the beautiful house you want with Metis Construction.

Metis Construction will help you build your dream home and give you the quality you deserve. Our construction process is convenient and easy in other to get you to house from your dreams to a house you can live in!

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